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Since the dawn of human history, those who were born with the gift of magic have gathered in secret to learn to control and use their abilities.
Windrose College of the Secret Arts is a live action roleplaying game in which you become a student in a magical school. For three days, you will live as a young witch or wizard – attend classes, learn spells, uncover secrets, create friendships and navigate the maze that is teenage drama.

Windrose larp is designed for newcomers as well as seasoned roleplayers (age limit 18+). It is a cooperative, inclusive game, focused on creating and sharing a story.
So pick up your wands, and let’s make some magic!

The game will be crowdfunded, with the campaign launching soon. Follow the page for more updates.

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House Sophia

“Beauty is truth.”

From the west, beyond the Sea, the land of philosophers and bedrock of classical culture, House Sophia rose from the Greek Empire.

Spreading their knowledge far and wide, masters of alchemy, blessed by the Muses, the House values beauty, knowledge and order. It carries the symbol of the Owl and colors of purple and gold.

House Nictoris

“We do what cannot be done.”

From the East, the fertile crescent and cradle of civilization, House Nictoris rose from the Babylonian Empire.

With cuneiform tablets documenting the invention of the wheel, spirit conjuration, and Astrology, the House values creativity, wit and independence. It carries the symbol of the winged Lamassu, and colors of green and bronze.

House Solomon

“Know from where you came and to where you are going.”

From the North, the ancient city of Jerusalem and the palace of the one called Wisest of Men, rose House of Solomon.
Creating sigils of celestial power, giving rise to Masonic and Kaballistic traditions, and keeping ancient lore in dark times, the House values justice, wisdom and tradition. It carries the symbol of the Gazelle and colors of blue and silver.

House Ramses

“We do not fear death.”

From the South, the land of the Nile, House Ramses rose from the Egyptian Empire.

Looking into the afterlife, keeping secrets in hieroglyphs and ancient tombs, the House values courage, exploring the unknown and power. It carries the symbol of the Cobra and colors of red and black.

House Joktan

“We follow the stars.”

From the four winds, the trade routes and dunes, House of Joktan rose from the Bedouin tribes.

Reading the night’s sky, finding a path in uncharted deserts, and protecting the trade caravan, the House values are diligence, honour and loyalty. Its symbol is the Arabian leopard, and colors are white and yellow.


Alchemy: The science of transformation, creation, and combination of materials, to make potions of every nature imaginable.

Hieroglyphics Magic: The ancient lore of using Hieroglyphic symbols for creating desired magical effects, from sacred texts to protective curses.

Law and Diplomacy: An absolute necessity when bargaining with spirits, calling for justice, and dealing with power structures in both Mundane and Magical societies.

The Study of Immortality: The secrets of transcending death, by means of matter and spirit.

Conjuration: The art of invoking sacred and profane names. The symbols and formulas by which to summon, and banish, spirits of different kinds.

Mundane Culture and Technology: The quickly-evolving mundane world has gems to understand and learn from.

Divination: The art of foreseeing the future- on preparing and casting lots, celestial rules of the Moon and Stars, and on the ways to receive and understand symbols.

Battle Magic: The application of spells and magical formulas for the use at the battlefield. A study dating back thousands of years, Battle magic took part in all wars of the ancient world.

Rituals and Ceremonies: The knowledge of casting spells as a group, addressing outworldly beings, and crafting rituals for desired effects.